What Criminal Minds Fans Really Think About A Possible Reboot Of The Show


User u/Reimymouse opened the thread with a screenshot of a Twitter post by longtime Criminal Minds producer Harry Bring, who asked the question, “How many of you would like a Criminal Minds reboot?” replied to that question the user sneered, “Alexa, remind me not to get my hopes up.” That’s the general sentiment among Criminal Minds fans, with some commenters cautiously keeping alive hope for a revival and other stipulations to the proposed return put the series.

In fact, the prevailing sentiment in the Criminal Minds fandom is that they only want a revival series when the original cast is back in action. And u/ghdgn made that clear with their post, “only if it’s everyone back on”. Redditor u/Reimymouse was quick to back up this opinion with the comment, “I agree. If they do a reboot I would want the main team back. It might be difficult, Shemar[Moore]to get since he has his own show; but for Hotch, Reid, Emily, Rossi and JJ it just wouldn’t be worth it.”[Moore}sincehehashisownshow;butwoHotchReidEmilyRossiandJJitjustwouldn’tbeworthit”[Moore}sincehehashisownshow;butwoHotchReidEmilyRossiandJJitjustwouldn’tbeworthit”

Meanwhile, u/SportsGuy132121 offered different terms for the reboot, hoping the creators would turn the series’ long-established formula on its head: “…I want a 6-episode reboot where all 6 episodes are behind the same killer.” are here. I don’t want rinse-wash repeat episodes where the killer is found in every episode. I want them called out because someone bad gets away and can’t be caught.” And u/RebaKitten is one of the few series fans who thinks Criminal Minds shouldn’t come back at all, saying, “I think so , it’s good to go while you’re still wanted, and ending the show was the right thing to do.”

Given the show’s popularity with streamers, it seems unlikely that “Crminal Minds” won’t go ahead with some sort of reboot. Now fans are just hoping that Paramount+ does it right.

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