What Fans Don’t Know About Hermione Granger


Of course, with the explosive success of the Harry Potter books, Hollywood soon came forward with plans to adapt the series into a live-action film franchise. As is so often the case in such cases, the films later took on a life of their own and differed from the books in a few key respects. This is the bottom line of the need to condense the stories spanning an entire school year into less than three hours.

An inevitable result of this strategy is that characters in the movies don’t have the same depth as in the books, as there is less time to delve into their personalities and backstory. Many characters are reduced to a short form for their most notable attributes. For example, Hermione is even smarter in the movies than in the books, as many of the clever/clever phrases that other characters in the novels say are attributed to her in the movies.

Case in point: in the first book, Hermione panics when she gets caught in the devil’s snare, until Ron brings her around and tells her what to do. But in the film, Hermione is shown to be the one who stays calm while Ron panics. In the second film, it is Hermione who warns Harry that hearing voices is not a good omen and also explains why “mudblood” is such an offensive term, both things Ron did in the books. While such instances raise Hermione’s profile in the movies, they make Ron seem dumber in comparison to her and his counterpart in the books.

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