What Good Girls Fans Really Wanted To See For Beth


Just before the show was officially canceled, u/avochocobunny shared a tweet on the r/GoodGirls subreddit about heroes getting corrupted titled “I kinda want this for Beth.” Beth Boland is definitely the only person in the main “Good Girls” trio to truly embrace a life of crime after years of domestication.

It would only make sense that she would have become a true villain in the story’s resolution. However, u/RoutineWrong2916 pointed out that in the narrative, Beth likely never really goes to the dark side because the producers didn’t want to get too close to “Breaking Bad.” They wrote in response: “What a shame!! Because she has every character that could lead to an amazing story.”

There’s definitely a possible resolution for the show where Beth hits on Annie Marks (Mae Whitman) and Ruby Hill or leaves it all behind. U/jwash1894 commented how “If [Beth] Giving up her old life, even her friends, for the dark world of crime and Rio, that would be interesting as hell. “Even though the showrunners didn’t plan to bring out the darker side of Beth, at least fans can envision the potential of Good Girls” final season, in which this is part of the show’s conclusion.

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