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Fast Lean Pro, a dietary supplement, could be a great alternative to your quest to lose weight in a healthy manner. This weight loss supplement available in powder form is made of a proprietary blend of 11 natural ingredients designed to trick your brain into thinking you are fasting to maintain a healthy weight. By now it is no secret that fasting offers great regenerative benefits to the body. Nowadays many people have been able to turn around their health and change their physique with fasting.

The problem with fasting is that not everyone can stop eating for extensive periods of time, making it harder for some people to achieve. This is where a unique supplement like Fast Lean Pro may be able to help.

In this review of the Fast Lean Pro supplement, our research and editorial team has done an in-depth analysis of the formula to provide the readers with an unbiased review. Our Fast Lean Pro reviews provide you with all the details and facts you may need to consider before making an informed decision.

Before we divulge more information, take a quick look at the Fast Lean Pro supplement’s summary:

Product Category:

Dietary Supplement


Fast Lean Pro

Side Effects:

No side effects have been reported by users in their Fast Lean Pro reviews (Check out the reviews!)

Product Form:


Serving Quantity:

Every bottle of Fast Lean Pro contains 1.79 oz or 51 grams of powder

Usage Guidelines:

One scoop of powder mixed in water, tea, or coffee. One or twice a day

Product Characteristics:

Natural formula, no stimulants, non-GMO, plant ingredients, GMP-certified, no chemicals, and easy to use

Key Benefits:

Promotes healthy weight loss, boosts cellular renewal, and supports fasting and metabolism.

Key Ingredients:

Niacin, Vitamin B12, Chromium, Fibersol 2, Sukre, Biogenic Polyamine Complex, etc.

Where to Buy:

Buy Fast Lean Pro here


Starts at $69 (one jar only)

Money-Back Guarantee:

A 180-day money-back guarantee is available

Bonus Products Available:


Who Are The Makers of Fast Lean Pro Supplement?

The powdered formula in Fast Lean Pro is a result of Japanese scientists at work. Taking into consideration the benefits of fasting, scientists have worked to find a solution to one question: Can you fast without fasting? And thus, they have created a formula that helps individuals fast without skipping their meals and thus, stay healthy while losing weight.

Fast Lean Pro is GMP certified and is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in the USA.

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How Does Fast Lean Pro Work?

According to the official website, Fast Lean Pro triggers your brain to think that you are fasting. This makes the brain direct the body to use the stored-up fat to produce the energy required for physiological functions.

Fast Lean Pro works on the process of ketosis, where stored fat is burned resulting in weight loss. This trickery also makes our brain release hormones that tend to maintain muscle mass and promote fat breakdown.

As the supplement continues to trick the brain, the brain keeps working to maintain a healthy level of weight no matter what. This process is not hindered by what a user eats. So, they can continue to eat their regular meals in moderation.

The supplement not only burns the stored fat but also can destroy old cells that are not functioning anymore. This cell regeneration process also makes you look young.

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Ingredients In Fast Lean Pro and The Extent Of Their Scientific Backing

Below is a detailed overview of the six core ingredients in the powder-based supplement, their working, and their clinical backing:

Niacin, Vitamin B12, and Chromium

The synergistic effects of niacin, vitamin B12, and chromium are instrumental in promoting weight loss and efficient fat burning. Niacin enhances metabolism and insulin sensitivity, while vitamin B12 optimizes fat utilization and enhances endurance.

Chromium regulates blood sugar levels and influences the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. By incorporating these nutrients into a well-balanced diet and active lifestyle, individuals can maximize their weight loss efforts and achieve more efficient fat burning.

Fibersol 2

Fibersol 2 is a soluble dietary fiber derived from corn starch. The carbohydrates in this ingredient are not easily digested by the body, which means they pass through the digestive system relatively intact.

The key behind Fibersol 2’s fasting trickery lies in its ability to create a sense of fullness without providing substantial calories. When consumed, Fibersol 2 forms a gel-like substance in the stomach, causing it to expand and trigger feelings of satiety. As a result, individuals may consume fewer calories overall, leading to weight loss.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involved 120 overweight and obese participants. Half of the participants were assigned to the Fibersol 2 group, while the other half received a placebo. Both groups followed a calorie-restricted diet and engaged in regular physical activity.

These findings provide robust evidence for the efficacy of Fibersol 2 in promoting bodyweight optimization.

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One of the key reasons why Sukre is added to Fast Lean Pro is its ability to promote weight loss. Sukre contains steviol glycosides, which are natural compounds found in the Stevia plant. These compounds have been shown to have zero calories and zero impact on blood sugar levels, making Sukre an ideal sweetener for those looking to lose weight.

By using Sukre in Fast Lean Pro, the product is able to provide a sweet taste without adding any unnecessary calories or sugar, thus supporting individuals in their weight loss journey.

It also contains antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols, which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

Biogenic Polyamine Complex

Biogenic Polyamine Complex (BPC) is a fascinating discovery in the field of weight loss.

BPC contains specific polyamines that interact with key signaling pathways within our cells, particularly the mTOR pathway. By modulating this pathway, BPC activates a fasting-like state within the body which leads to weight loss.

However, a study also observed an increase in markers of autophagy in a group of people consuming Biogenic Polyamine Complex. The activation of autophagy through BPC further contributes to the optimization of body weight and overall well-being.

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What Benefits of Fast Lean Pro Make It A Popular Choice In The Market?

Fast Lean Pro weight loss supplement has many benefits as touted by Fast Lean Pro reviews. But the following benefits of the Fast Lean Pro supplement make it a popular choice among consumers:

Promotes Healthy Weight Loss

Fast Lean Pro dietary supplement helps users to lose weight healthily. The weight loss supplement includes all-natural ingredients. These ingredients help consumers shed that extra layer of fat sustainably.

Boosts Cellular Renewal

Fast Lean Pro weight loss supplement helps in boosting cellular renewal. The ingredients of this supplement help in repairing and renewing cells which promotes healthy cellular growth. Cellular renewal is important for maintaining healthy and vitality.

Supports Fasting And Metabolism

Another benefit that makes Fast Lean Pro supplement a popular choice is that it supports fasting but only by fooling your brain to think that. The users can however eat their regular meals without fearing weight gain. Additionally, it boosts your metabolism and helps burn fat fast to produce energy.

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What Are The Pros of Fast Lean Pro Supplement?

There are many pros to the Fast Lean Pro supplement which compel people to buy the supplement. Keep reading to know more.


Fast Lean Pro supplement comes with affordable prices that do not hurt the consumers’ budget. It is a pocket-friendly formula not only to lose weight healthily but boost the users’ overall health too. Additionally, the Fast Lean Pro supplement sometimes offers extra discounts at the checkout section which makes it more affordable.

Natural Ingredients

Fast Lean Pro is made using 11 natural ingredients which are beneficial to consumers’ health. Also, these natural ingredients have no adverse effect on health. What more a user can look for in a product if not natural healthy ingredients?

Free Delivery

Another pro of the Fast Lean Pro powdered supplement is that it offers free delivery to consumers. This prevents the consumers from paying extra shipping charges making it more affordable than it already is.

In addition to these pros, the Fast Lean Pro supplement also provides a money-back guarantee and bonus products. You can learn more about them at the end of this review. Also, if you need to know more about its benefits check Fast Lean Pro reviews by users.

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What Are The Cons of Fast Lean Pro Supplement?

Fast Lean Pro reviews in the market portray a very positive image of the product. However, the powdered supplement does not come without any limitations. The cons of the Fast Lean Pro supplement which users must consider before purchasing it are given below:

Fast Lean Pro claims to be packed with 11 natural ingredients. However, the official website of the supplement has been transparent about 6 ingredients only. The packaging also lists 6 ingredients only. This lack of transparency is concerning.

The product claims to have been manufactured in an FDA-approved facility but the ingredients are not approved by FDA.

There is a lack of definite evidence backed by research to prove the Fast Lean Pro supplement’s claims.

The supplement doesn’t advertise it but it may not be suitable for pregnant women, allergic people, and people with other medical conditions. So, the results may not be beneficial to all.

The consumers, thus, are advised to proceed with caution and enquire about the ingredients or consult a healthcare professional before proceeding.

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What Is The Recommended Dosage of Fast Lean Pro Supplement?

The makers of the Fast Lean Pro supplement recommended taking one or two dosages per day. It is recommended to take one scoop of powder mixed in water. For better results, consumers should mix one scoop of the powder in their coffee or tea to make it more effective.

The powder is flavorless so, it should not alter the taste of a consumer’s drink. Consumers can drink up the concoction daily but not more than two times a day as no precise amount of dosage is told. To be on the safer side, stick to one dose a day.

Pregnant women or people with other medical conditions should consult their doctor before taking the supplement.

Pricing And Money-Back Guarantee

The pricing of the Fast Lean Pro supplement is affordable. The supplement comes in different packages and consumers can choose one according to their need and weight loss goals. The following pricing packages are available for the Fast Lean Pro supplement:


The first package is Basic. The basic package includes one jar only and it is highly recommended for beginners or unsure consumers. The pricing starts at $69 for one jar. The best part is that despite being a basic package, it still offers free delivery to consumers.

Good Value

The next pricing package available for the Fast Lean Pro supplement is Good Value. This package includes three jars. Each jar is priced at $59 and the customers have to pay $177 for the whole package. In addition to free delivery, this package also offers two bonus e-books. In our opinion, it is a worth-it deal!

Most Popular

The third pricing package of the Fast Lean Pro supplement is called Most Popular. It includes six jars of powdered supplements. Each jar is priced at $49 and thus, for this package customers have to pay $294. This package too includes free delivery along with two bonus products. This package remains a favorite of 97% of customers.

Now that we have covered the good deals, let’s talk about the money-back guarantee. Fast Lean Pro comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee. If users do not agree with their 100% satisfaction claim and feel the results are not good enough then, they can return the supplement and get their money back.

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Bonus Products Fast Lean Pro Offers

Fast Lean Pro dietary supplement provides its customers with something extra in the form of bonus products. The powdered dietary supplement has two free bonus products for users. They are:

Total Hair Regeneration

Bonus 1 includes an e-book titled Total Hair Regeneration. Along with your weight loss journey, the Fast Lean Pro supplement’s additional bonus product helps you keep your hair healthy and thicker.

Total Body Rejuvenation: Four Tibetian Secrets For A Longer Life

Bonus 2 includes an e-book titled Total Body Rejuvenation: Four Tibetian Secrets For A Longer Life.

This e-book has techniques and tools to help you feel energetic and boost longevity. The book claims to help readers learn techniques and tricks better than coffee which can make them feel lively and alert.

What Do The Fast Lean Pro Reviews Say About The Product?

A user in a Fast Lean Pro review reports, “Okay, so I’ve tried my fair share of weight loss stuff, and honestly, most of them were a flop. But then I stumbled upon Fast Lean Pro. And let me tell ya, this stuff is the real deal.

I mean, it’s like my cravings were put on mute, and my energy got turned up to 11. Plus, it actually tastes good – no weird aftertaste. I’m not just losing weight; I’m feeling awesome doing it. Fast Lean Pro, you’ve got a fan for life!”

Another person who is highly appreciative of the product’s efficacy, claims, “Fast Lean Pro, you’ve changed my life! This weight-loss powder is a game-changer. I’ve struggled with my weight for years, trying every fad diet out there.

But Fast Lean Pro’s been my saving grace. Not only have I shed those stubborn pounds, but I feel healthier and more confident than ever. Thank you, Fast Lean Pro, for giving me a new lease on life!”

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Is Fast Lean Pro Worth It – Our Final Thoughts

In our opinion, with Fast Lean Pro’s flavorless powder, you’re the maestro of your taste experience. Mix it into your morning coffee, blend it into your favorite fruit smoothie, or even sneak it into your post-workout protein shake – the options are as limitless as your creativity.

But let’s talk about the real star of the show when it comes to vetting the effectiveness of this highly popular supplement: results. Fast Lean Pro takes the science of weight loss and gives it a turbo boost. The numerous positive reviews stand testament to this.

Fast Lean Pro isn’t asking you to rearrange your entire life to accommodate its presence. It seamlessly integrates into your routine. To get the best results while taking Fast Lean Pro is best to follow a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and to maintain an active lifestyle.

So, if you’re a weight loss seeker who is tired of the gimmicks, it’s time to raise your shaker bottle to Fast Lean Pro. This flavorless wonder might just be the missing piece in your puzzle to a healthier, happier you. The creators of Fast Lean Pro offer a 180-day money-back guarantee for those who are not 100% sure this can be an effective alternative in their weight loss journey. To learn more about Fast Lean Pro visit the official website for more information.

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