What The Critics Are Saying About Evil Dead: The Game


RealSport gave Evil Dead: The Game 4.5 stars out of 5. Critic Niall Walsh didn’t hold back his praise, calling the game a pleasant surprise for its immersive, rewarding experience. Walsh believed the game would captivate those new to the series while providing longtime fans with a wealth of content to enjoy. Additionally, Walsh points out that the game isn’t even full price, but still maintains that level of quality.

But why? “Evil Dead: The Game” awarded an 8/10. Kate Sánchez says it manages to “capture the horror, humor and surprises that Deadites have come to know and love” and praises the gameplay for how enjoyable it is. However, Sánchez noted that the game’s complexity might put off some players looking for a more casual game, and that the offline AI companions are just plain stupid.

Chithot’s Kevin Joyce also found Evil Dead: The Game to be an impressive asymmetric multiplayer horror game to stand alongside games like Dead by Daylight. Joyce pointed out that playing the game with friends is a great thing and that it adds a ton of unique features that will keep players coming back for more.

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