Who Is Ron Carlson? Selma Blair’s Alleged Abusive Boyfriend? Ron Carlson Bio, Career, Net Worth


Ron Carlson is a name that we also became familiar with after he started dating actress Selma Blair and for the past few days, Carlson is the talk of the town. Recently, Selma Blair filed a restraining order against Carlson after alleging that he physically assaulted her.

Ron Carlson Bio, Career, Net Worth, Relationship With Selma Blair, Controversies,

To prove her allegations, Selma Blair showed photos of her with bruises on her neck and hands and also a bloody nose. After the allegation, Carlson was spotted leaving a coffee shop with a coffee in his hand and looking careless about all the controversies happening around him.


Since the allegation was made by Selma Blair, everyone is curious about who actually Ron Carlson is and wants to know about his personal life. So let’s take a look at Selma Blair’s abusive ex-boyfriend Ron Carlson’s personal life.

Who Is Ron Carlson?

Ron Carlson is a film producer and actor who was born on 1st January 1970 and is the ex-boyfriend of the famous American actress Selma Blair. Ron Carlson is 52 years old and his full name is Ronnie Carlson.

There is no information available on Carlson’s parents and siblings but it is known that he was born in the United States of America. Ron Carlson is the father of a seven-year-old girl named Chloe which he shares with his ex-partner. Ron Carlson did his schooling at a private school in the US and stepped into the movie industry in the year 1994. 

Ron Carlson’s Career

Ron Carlson made his first step into the acting industry in 1994 and it was in a minor role in the TV series Beverly Hills, 90210. His first debut in movies was in 2000 and it was in the movie ‘The Million Dollar Kid’. Later, he appeared in numerous movies including ‘Killing Time’, ‘Eve’, and ‘Unnatural’.

After being active in the acting industry for a while, he stepped into direction and production. He directed and produced many films like All American Christmas Carol, Tom Cool, and I Am My Resume. Ron Carlson’s movie was also nominated for the prestigious award Daytime Emmy Award but he didn’t win the award.

Relationship With Selma Blair And allegations

Selma Blair and Ron Carlson were first noted dating in July 2017. The couple was together from July 2017 till January 2018 but the dating rumors were never confirmed by the actress or the producer.

Then Selma Blair was seen dating David Lyons but Blair ended the relationship after a few months. Then out of the blue, the news of Selma Blair and Ron Carlson dating began again and the two were spotted together on multiple occasions.

Selma Blair and Ron Carlson’s relationship again became the talk of the town when Selma filed a restraining order against Ron Carlson and claimed that Carlson physically assaulted her at her own home. She also revealed some photos of her with bruises and marks on her neck and shoulders which according to Selma Blair’s statement is done by Ron Carlson.

The physical assault happened when Ron Carlson went to Selma’s home to drop off a TV and Selma has taken medications for multiple sclerosis and told Ron that she wasn’t feeling well. Something happened with Ron that he got very frustrated and started shouting at Selma.

Things between the couple got accelerated and Ron started physically assaulting Selma by strangling her neck and shaking her. Carlson is charged with domestic violence and corporal injury and Selma Blair and her team have also filed a temporary restraining order against Carlson.

Why Did Ron Carlson Put A Restraining Order Against Selma Blair?

It is not only Selma Blair who has filed a restraining order but Carlson also filed a restraining order against Selma Blair. Carlson filed a restraining order two weeks after the alleged physical assault happened. According to Carlson, Selma became aggressive when he refused to sit next to her, and also out of her anger, she also shouted at Carlson’s daughter. Carlson also alleged that Blair has tried to physically assault him too. 

Net Worth

As of last year, Ron Carlson has an estimated net worth of $1.5million whereas his ex-girlfriend and actress Selma Blair has a net worth of 6 million US dollars.

Social Media

Ron Carlson is active on social media like Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram account is private, so it looks like the film producer doesn’t love being in the spotlight. He has thousands of active followers on both Instagram and Twitter.


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