Eating Whole Grains Linked To Smaller Increases In Waist Size, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar

Eating Whole Grains Linked To Smaller Increases In Waist Size, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar

Journal of Nutrition throws light on the body shape due to consumption of whole grains. The studies showed that three times consumption of the whole grains cast different effects than the one-time eating.

Moreover, the test was conducted on the middle to older age groups. More consumption led to an increase in blood pressure and sugar levels. Also, they experienced some increment in their waist size. Other risk factors include HDL cholesterol and triglyceride.

Eating Whole Grains Linked To Smaller Increases In Waist Size, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar

Several latest researchers dealt with the outcomes of intaking whole grains regularly. Moreover, the primary topic was to find out the consequences and risks for the heart.

The new scientists conducted an examination of the effects of consuming refined and whole grains. They considered the median of 18 years to evaluate the result. The cohort experiment with 3100 participants made the scientists discover new points eventually.

Eating Whole Grains Linked To Smaller Increases In Waist Size, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar

Results Of The New Examination

The participants of the experiment were all over 50 years. Professionals considered 4-year intervals to measure the changes. Furthermore, there were four categories while measuring the effects of the whole grains. The test began with the half serving and went up to three or four servings in a day.

The Dietary Guidelines of Americans recommend three to five servings for an adult individual. Moreover, the meal should consist of;-

  • Slice of whole-grain bread
  • Half cup of brown rice
  • Half cup of cereal made of rolled oats

You can take any of these and check the results on your body.

In the concerned experiment, the scientists got the following findings.

-In the case of low intake, the size of the waist increased by 1 inch on average, but it went up by only half an inch for the high-intake persons.

-High intake participants showed a lesser increment in the blood sugar and pressure levels than the low intake ones.

Suggestions Of The Experts

After so much research, scientists have come up with a lovely theory. They are stating that the consumption of whole grains can do wonders for the human body. Moreover, it is not only a source of reducing weight. You can get other health benefits too. As you grow old, management of the risk factors becomes essential. If you are successful in this stage, a healthy heart is an obvious outcome. Nicola McKeown, one of the reputed scientists of the USDA HNRCA Nutritional Epidemiology Team, recommended more whole grains per day. Eventually, this will let you control your blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

The whole-grain pieces of bread contain a lot of fiber. Moreover, it is the house of several nutrients contributing to a low level of pressure. For the blood-sugar spikes after the meal, the soluble fiber is responsible. One of the most popular and highly nutritious sources of whole grains is ready-to-eat cereal breakfast and whole wheat bread.

Pure and natural whole wheat grains are more beneficial than refined ones. This is mainly because refined grains are more processed than the former. The outer layer of the whole grains is rich in healthy fats, Vitamin B, and antioxidants.

Most Americans consume 5 times whole grains. This figure is greater than the normal recommended amount. Therefore, it is better to decide when to have refined ones and when to eat whole grains. Also, you will have a balance in the food habits with the help of such a theory. Do not take the flour bagel for breakfast. Instead, switch to a bowl of healthy cereals made of whole grains. Avoid oily snacks and take gluten-free pasta. Replace the snack ideas out of refined grains and consider the whole grain options.

The statistical analysis thus showed important ways in which the whole grains can prove to be advantageous.


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