Why 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Are So Divided Over Michael


On the r/1000lbsisters subreddit, a fan of the series praised Michael for cleverly using the show’s title number. “1000% Michael is the most relaxed, gentle person,” write u/D3imosNexus. “Bumping and herding Tammy’s thankless prey, living next door to her, helping Amy with her weight loss and emotional trauma while being a new dad!”

Many agreed that Michael appears to be a good guy and that his marriage to Amy is healthy. Fans also credited him for willingly pushing Tammy around, something they also said most people wouldn’t do.

However, some fans could not find many positive qualities in Michael. In an interview with The Sun, Amy revealed they met and started dating when she was 8 years old. Given that Michael is four years older than her — as of February 2022, Michael was 39 while Amy was 35 — some fans felt this was highly inappropriate. Others criticized Michael for taking the advice of Dr. Charles Procter didn’t consider waiting two years after surgery to have a baby. Amy became pregnant just a few months after her surgery, making her pregnancy extremely dangerous.

Despite these worrisome factors, some tried to argue with Michael when there was a doubt. U/leftoverrpizzza said: “He’s probably grown a lot and while it’s all reality TV I doubt Amy would take it given her personality for him to abuse her…”

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