Why Grace Sawyer From The Rookie Looks So Familiar


One of the earliest roles that audiences might recognize Ali Larter from is her appearance in the 1999 coming-of-age film Varsity Blues. The film centers on a small-town Texas high school football team and has a cast with big stars of the era including James Van Der Beek, Amy Smart and Paul Walker. In the film, Larter plays a cheerleader named Darcy Sears, who is dating starting quarterback Lance Harbor (Walker) and wants to escape small-town life in Texas.

One of the most iconic moments in “Varsity Blues” comes when Larters Darcy tries to seduce James Van Der Beeks Mox – who replaces the injured Lance as West Canaan High School’s No. 1 QB – while wearing a bikini with whipped cream carries. (Mox, however, dismisses her overtures.) In the years since the film was released, the concept of the whipped cream bikini has been referenced and parodied numerous times on film and television. Perhaps most notably, future Captain America star Chris Evans pulled off the same move in the subversive 2001 teen comedy Not Another Teen Movie that the coming-of-age teen films of this era, including “Varsity Blues”.

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