Why Leslie Shay From Chicago Fire Looks So Familiar


In 2005, Lauren German made her breakthrough in episodic television when she landed the recurring role of Rose Miller in eight episodes of the UPN TV series Sex, Love & Secrets (via IMDb). Over the next few years, she would split the bill with Diane Keaton in the feature film Surrender, Dorothy, play Mary in Love and Mary, and star in the 2007 horror film sequel Hostel: Part II.

Beginning in 2011, German began gaining interest from casting directors for film and television and began appearing regularly on ABC’s Happy Town from 2011 onwards. She also reprized the role of Lori Weston in 15 episodes of the television series Hawaii Five-0 from 2011-2012. At this point in her career, German joined Dick Wolf’s One Chicago action-drama series, with her continuing role as Leslie Shay in Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. Chicago Fire, German wasted no time in finding work again as she was quickly cast as Chloe Decker in the Fox TV fantasy comedy Lucifer, in which she played Satan himself for over 90 episodes by Tom Ellis, teamed up.

From her early days playing minor roles in sometimes unforgettable film and TV productions, to starring in hit TV series and movies, to her possible deal with the devil, this is where Germany’s Leslie Shay fans may have seen the actress before.

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