Why Mary Pat From Good Girls Look So Familiar


One of the weirdest Christmas movies of all time, Krampus is a horror comedy that follows the Engel family as they prepare for Christmas. Max (Emjay Anthony), one of the youngest members of the family, looks forward to spending the holidays with loved ones and carrying on family traditions. Max still believes strongly in Santa Claus and plans to write him a letter, but he becomes increasingly disillusioned with the celebrations as tensions between family members rise. The Engels are trapped in their home during a snowstorm and one by one the characters are picked off by unseen forces. Creepy snowmen, a terrifying jack-in-the-box, and sentient gingerbread men can only mean one thing: Krampus was summoned by family discord. Krampus, a character from European folklore, is the opposite of Santa Claus. This vicious half-man, half-goat terrorizes naughty kids during the holiday season (via History).

Allison Tolman appears in the film as Linda, Max’s maternal aunt, whose arrival brings even more chaos to the House of Angels. When Krampus and his minions attack, Linda and her husband Howard (David Koechner) do their best to save the family from impending doom. Tolman’s down-to-earth performance manages to be both funny and serious, and fits perfectly with the bizarre tone of “Krampus.”

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