Why Some Long-Time Fans Stopped Watching This Is Us


Former This Is Us fans took to Reddit to explain the exact scene that made them stop watching. Notably, in Season 5, Randall learns that his birth mother, Laurel (Jennifer C. Holmes when younger, Angela Gibbs when older), did not actually die in childbirth. His father William (Ron Cephas Jones) had mistakenly believed she died of a drug overdose when she relapsed shortly after birth. Although Randall’s mother lived a happy life until 2015, he never got to know her. This particular storyline made the show just incredible for some viewers. “This is just lazy storytelling in my opinion,” wrote U/carter_ryan.

Other fans agreed that the writers nailed the storytelling aspect in the early seasons. However, Laurel history has fully traced this reputation. “Basically I’m watching because the show has a planned ending and because I’ve enjoyed it up to this Laurel storyline,” wrote u/dandy-lion33. “I give him the benefit of the enormous doubt.”

Some other This Is Us fans vowed to finish the show, but that didn’t mean they disagreed with those who gave up. “I usually see a story that I’ve invested so long in, to the end, no matter how dark it gets (Grey’s Anatomy),” wrote u/MollyJ58. “It’s a shame that this show has taken such a nosedive.”

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