Why Young Royals Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Simon


When Prince Wilhelm is forced to visit Hillerska after an argument, he feels angry and lost in this new environment. But when Wilhelm and Simon lock eyes during the young king’s initiation party, there’s an instant attraction. During the premiere season of Young Royals, Wilhelm’s feelings towards Simon are mixed. One moment he’s enjoying their first kiss and the next he’s telling Simon to forget it happened. Wilhelm is under pressure to maintain a certain image, but Simon doesn’t give a damn.

On Reddit, u/LBtotheMax commended Simon for understanding his value. This user said: “I love that Simon has never felt less important than his partner just because Wilhelm was a prince. He understood Wilhelm’s duties, but didn’t find himself about to say, ‘Well, if it’s for the monarch’, or those, ‘I’m just a commoner’…” Similarly, enjoyed u/Ok_Pattern_8072, as after Wilhelm Simon said had told him to forget her kiss, which was not longing for the prince. “That’s why, for me, Simon is the best LGBT character in fiction yet… he immediately moved away from the toxic relationship of giving the closeted guy the attention they desire but can’t return,” they wrote.

Many fans also appreciated that the show doesn’t make the fact that Simon is gay a source of trouble and tragedy. For example, when he visits his father to ask for alcohol, Micke assumes his son is trying to impress a girl and Simon responds by casually reminding Micke that he is gay. As u/rocinante1173 wrote: “He just likes boys and that’s it.”

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