Will Coronavirus Become Endemic In The Next Few Years?

Will Coronavirus Become Endemic In The Next Few Years

Although the cases of Coronavirus will decline, and more Americans are getting vaccinated, the virus is not going to go away anytime soon. As per a statement of infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci, has dismissed the idea that Covid-19 would be eradicated any time soon. 

As per Dr. Anthony Fauci, we need to plan in such a way that we can maintain control over the disease. He also added that Coronavirus has the possibility to become endemic. Thus, we need to be very careful about it. 

What is an endemic disease and how could Covid-19 become one?

There are lots of endemic diseases in the United States and as per the current scenario, it seems that the present pandemic will become endemic in the upcoming years. 

What Does Endemic Mean?

As per definition by Center for disease control, endemic is the constant presence and prevalence of disease within a definite geographical area.

An endemic disease spreads at the baseline level every year without causing any disruption in life. For example, things that are endemic at present moment for a long time without any interruption can circulate easily in the population. For example, the common cold is endemic now. 

Will Coronavirus Become Endemic In The Next Few Years

A disease can be endemic in one country and it can be considered an outbreak or an epidemic in another nation. For example, malaria is considered endemic in some countries of the world. But, it is considered an epidemic in countries where it is not contained.

What is the major difference between an epidemic and an endemic?

An epidemic is simply a sudden increase in the number of patients in a certain area. Epidemics are not just caused due to diseases by virus or bacteria. For example, diabetes and obesity exist in a large population of people in the USA. 

Has Covid-19 The Potential To Become Endemic?

Many health experts opine that virus is likely to remain endemic for many years. Infact, it can remain endemic for many years. 

A recent research in January says that the virus can join the ranks of cough and cold. The research was conducted by Emory University and Penn university.

The model published in a peer-to-peer review says that covid-19 virus can be compared to four major common cold coronavirus and SARS and MERS Viruses. 

Researchers opined from a model that if the coronavirus continues to circulate in the general population and most people are exposed to it, it will be added in the list of common cold like diseases. 

The future of coronavirus lies on many unknowns. New variants from the United Kingdom and South Africa, as per the studies will be more transmissible. Health experts these days are more concerned about the South African variants. Many emerging data shows that existing Covid-19 vaccines seem to be less effective. 

These days, many experts believe that more variants can arise as immunity and vaccines force the coronavirus to mutate. It is quite difficult to project what it will look like five years from now. But, within the next few years, the endemic status of COVID can be anticipated.


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