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Contrary to what fans had been speculating about all along, Birdie Wing’s story took a whole new path. In the previous episode, Eve was seen longing to play a match with Aoi. The other one felt the same. But unfortunately both were in different countries at that time. Now, Birdie Wing Episode 6 takes a look at Eve’s decision to save her family. Here’s everything you need to know about the excursion.

In the next episode, Eve Vipere will give her final answer about her arrival in Japan. There’s a good chance she’ll accept the offer. That’s because she’s already lost a home and shop. Therefore, the only choice for them is to start everything from scratch.

Birdie Wing Episode 6

Birdie Wing Episode 6: What Will Happen Next?

The next episode of Birdie Wing begins with an investigative scene. Eve will ask Lily why she cried. The reason for her sudden outburst is an attack on her shop and home. It was seen that Eve was noticed by mafia organizations. And due to her solid gameplay, the girl attracted all the attention of these people. So these are the people who have the power to do this to their personal space.

As seen in the episode preview, Viper will meet with Eve and once again discuss the future of her career. This time he will give her a second chance to come to Japan. Considering she’s lost both a home and business, leaving for Japan is her best remaining hope.

Birdie Wing Episode 6

Summary of the previous episode!

Birdie Wing Episode 5 began with Aoi coming to Japan just to hook up with Eve. But Amane tells Aoi that she has a list of things to do before she can continue. First thing on the list was to give the media an interview about their previous game. On the other hand, Eve also longed to play a game with Aoi. In order to earn some money in between, Eve said to a match worth 500 euros.

It turned out that she won the match. Elsewhere, the leader of the mafia spoke to Rose to ask her if Eve was willing to join their organization. The episode shows Eve receiving advice from Clara to use VR to improve her game. In the final act of the episode, Eve meets up with Aoi in the virtual world. The episode ended with Eve seeing Lily crying next to her.

Birdie Wing Episode 6

Birdie Wing Episode 6 Release Date

Competition, learning and emotional drama continue on the next outing. So which of the two ladies is the closest to winning the golf crown? Birdie Wing Episode 6 will be released this week with all the answers. The episode will be released on May 9, 2022. Fans can only watch all episodes of the anime on Netflix official sites. Finally, stay tuned to The Anime Daily for more updates.


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