Will GTA 5 Ever Release For The Nintendo Switch?


While “Saints Row 4” takes up an average of 10 GB of storage space (depending on the platform), “GTA 5” comes to a whopping 75 GB; 90GB if you’re looking for the premium next-gen edition. The Nintendo Switch unfortunately has that 32GB of the internal memory in the base hardware. Even the 4K Switch OLED model only goes up to 64GB, leaving a gargantuan game like GTA 5 with very few porting options.

Or, to be more precise, the options to buy and play would be extremely limited. It’s not impossible to shrink the game to fit the 64GB cartridges, but that would mean any Switch owner who doesn’t have a 64GB microSD card or the OLED model could just play on the physical copy. Digital-only release strategies for smaller titles make sense, especially when it comes to reducing manufacturing costs – but selling a game that requires a printed copy, additional peripheral purchases, DLC for the online portion, or an upgrade of the entire hardware model to get it working? It’s just a bad marketing strategy.

All in all, trying to find a viable way to port this massive game to the Switch invites too many complications that just aren’t worth it. Especially when the multiplayer part of “GTA 5”, “Grand Theft Auto Online”, still brings in a lot of revenue with a robust player base and constant content updates. It’s time to ditch the hat on waiting for a Switch port and ask if fans are getting ‘GTA 6’ any time soon.

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