Working From Home With Throbbing Backaches And Headaches

Working From Home With Throbbing Backaches And Headaches

Working from home during the pandemic era has been a sigh of pain and relief. Adjusting to the new normal and adapting to the stressed-out circumstances, here’s what a wrong posture could break you. Hence it’s crucial to have a workspace that doesn’t put your back in trouble. 

Working From Home With Throbbing Backaches And Headaches

At home, we would feel comfy to work on our beds and couches, but this may not provide the liveable space to work efficiently as hanging along with the same position for a long time will strain your head and back, this will create a strain on tissues that will cause pain.

Working From Home With Throbbing Backaches And Headaches

Have an ergonomic chair that suits you or use a pillow, towel, pillow, a paper towel roll or even a normal towel roll to support your back on chair while working.  It will provide you with both comfort and support. It would help if you have set the computer screen at your eye level or slightly above it to keep a neutral position of neck.

It is unknown that our vertebrae alignment is slightly compromised when we sit extensively in bad posture. Lousy posture may surprisingly lead to various other health issues like poor digestion and blood circulation, breathing problems, and sometimes turn off your mood. The symptoms that we have read on lousy posture all are results from constriction along your spine.

Making some easy adjustments on your day-to-day work and workstation at home can help you decrease all the mental and physical stress and relief your body from all the strain. Which in-turns enables you to concentrate on your work with ease. Here are a few positioning changes to try:

  1. Do not use your computer while you are sitting on your couch or lying down on a bed.
  2. Sit at a proper desk, and make sure the computer/system is at your eye level.
  3. Go for a chair that will allow you to sit with good posture due to its design.
    1. Place your head in a tangent to your hips. Try to maintain consist posture of head and shoulder.
    1. Your chair should provide adequate support.
    1. Have your perfect arm-spot, not too high or low.
    1. Your foot requires the same rest as your spine. Put them on the footrest or properly on the ground.
    1. If you feel uncomfortable sitting evenly, take a small walk, but do not lean on one side. 
  1. Do not go for sitting more than half an hour continuously and take a break of a few minutes after such a long sitting.
  2. When on calls for a long time, use hands-free devices such as Bluetooth or earphones.
  3. Yoga is also a great way, and a few Beginner yoga Stretches can help you get started on to a healthier, better-aligned spine. Besides the back and your overall posture, yoga postures also assist with shoulder and neck relief.

It’s laborious to achieve the duty from home within the deadlines and having mindful self-care towards your postures. But the pandemic has been a sigh of relief to have a space at home which is comforting to work and have healthier and comfortable work hours.


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