Wuhan Switches Back To Regular Life


Looking back at the year 2020, when the mighty coronavirus sprouted out of the city of Wuhan, the whole world was sent into a complete shutdown. 

Even to this day, the global pandemic’s effects remain with wearing masks becoming as important as food and sleep. 

But life in Wuhan has gradually begun to bloom once again. 

Wuhan Switches Back To Regular Life

While the rest of the world is still struggling with insufficient vaccines and peaking death rates, the Chinese city is now seen with people freely hanging out at their usual places once again. 

96.2 million cases were recorded worldwide so far in which 2.6 million resulted in deaths. 

Wuhan Switches Back To Regular Life

With an estimated 3,869 deaths in Wuhan, and the numbers remaining suspiciously minimum after their very first lockdowns were lifted, it is quite interesting as to how they quickly managed the outbreak right within the first few cases. 

Over 88,804 cases have been reported by China. Next month is the Lunar New Year festival for the Chinese, and the authorities have advised people to not visit places and remain indoors as much as possible. 

Like every other educational institute, classes have been shifted to online, wearing masks is mandatory, malls and workplaces are regularly checked for any traces of infection. 

It has to be reviewed that during the peak of the pandemic with immense death rates in the United States and other countries, China remained noticeably quiet about their cases and instead of taking responsibility for their dangerous behavior pushed the narrative that the virus has its source in the U.S. 

The Chinese president Xi Jinping as well as many of their political leaders have frequently praised Wuhan as a warrior state due to its human sacrifice to the virus in the battle to survive. 

After a year of recurring discussions, the Chinese government finally allowed foreign investigation by the World Health Organization to confirm the exact source of the virus. The expert investigators are currently under two-weeks of quarantine before they can begin research.

These experts criticized China as well as Beijing for not doing the necessary research right during the initial days of the pandemic. 

The city of Hong Kong has a minimum of 168 deaths in comparison to the death rates of the rest of China and other countries. 

Although a few cases have again been reported in China, the citizens have very well learned to take the necessary safety measures. 

Countries such as the United Kingdom are still struggling with the repeated lockdowns, whereas in Brazil the citizens are completely devastated due to the shortage of vaccine supplies. 

Surprisingly, Wuhan being the first place to report the virus has quickly recovered for a country with the world’s highest population. 

The pandemic may not have entirely disappeared for us but for the citizens of Wuhan, life is back on track. 


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