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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85 is scheduled for release later this week. The story took an intense turn in the last release of the series. The final chapter, however, brought a change to the air. Yiseul asked the boys for their number. Now it would be normal if they gave it right away. But both Ijin and Sukjoo rejected the lady and her friend. She didn’t cook it up in any way. Therefore, Yiseul from Jin Lee High will try one more time to fulfill her wishes. So here is everything about Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85.

In the following chapter it is likely that the theme will remain the same. Yiseul tries desperately to get Ijin’s attention, but she is unsuccessful. So readers might see her trying again. Will she make it this time? The upcoming release will answer all questions.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85

Mercenary Recruitment Chapter 85: What Will Happen Next?

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85 will show if Yiseul will take any further action against the boys. She’s tried it twice already, but the third time might be a charm. Therefore, Yiseul could swallow her pride and do it again. It will be interesting to see if Ijin pays attention or not this time. It might be unaware of their intentions. So the next chapter will likely bring another scene where Yiseul and Ijin get together.

On the other hand, his work and school life clash. There is a chance that the upcoming chapter will reveal what Hyungnim told Ijin on the call. Other things related to Ijin’s life will also come up. His relationship with Shin Yuna may find a way into the panels again. All in all, the next chapter has the potential to bring a lot to the table.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85

Summary of the previous chapter!

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 84 started with Yiseul and her friend going to Ijin and Sukjoo to get their numbers. While Sukjoo introduced himself, Ijin couldn’t figure out why the girls would need his number. He called them strangers, causing Yiseul to awkwardly walk away from the scene. Sukjoo’s friends later joined the duo. Sukjoo revealed that girls at Jin Lee High asked for her number. It later turns out that Yiseul is quite famous in her school.

The boys are shocked by the news. However, after Sukjoo said that Ijin rejected her, the gang got mad at her. On the other hand, Yuna was satisfied that Ijin refused to share his number. The scene shows Yiseul at dinner with her friends, where they brought up the incident with Ijin. The next morning, Yuna tried again. She offered Ijin’s friends to hang out, but they declined due to their courtship practices.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85

Mercenary Registration Chapter 85: Release Date

Yiseul doesn’t have to be in the habit of being turned down given how she acted afterward. Therefore, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 85 will be released on May 15, 2022. The chapter will be available on Webtoon, Naver and Kakaopage. So stay tuned for more updates.


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