Young Sheldon Finally Reveals The Real Reason Sheldon Hates Geology


Even if “Young Sheldon” couldn’t always keep up consistently with “The Big Bang Theory”, it still has its moments. One such moment occurred in Season 1, Episode 15 (“Dolomite, Apple Slices, and a Mystery Woman”), when “The Big Bang Theory” fans finally got an answer to adult Sheldon’s hatred of geology. We meet Libby (Anjelika Washington), an eleventh grader, who invites Sheldon (Iain Armitage) to lunch with him and Tam (Ryan Phuong). She introduces the two to geology, and that quickly becomes clear rock Minerals are her passion. As Sheldon becomes more interested in geology, he also falls more and more in love with Libby.

When the opportunity arises to see a space shuttle movie with Libby and Tam at the Museum of Natural Science, Sheldon’s mother, Mary (Zoe Perry), is persuaded to meet Libby to decide whether to take Sheldon to Houston for the film can drive. The conversation is going well until Libby Mary says, “I’ve been babysitting children for years.” This makes Sheldon realize that she thinks of him as a kid while he thought they were friends. Suddenly he apologizes that he is not well and insists that he cannot go to the cinema. Instead, Sheldon goes to his room to cry.

The episode ends with Sheldon telling Tam that he’s decided geology isn’t a real science. He says geology is more of a hobby just before an voiceover from adult Sheldon takes it a step further. Adult Sheldon says, “As you can see, sometimes a person can be both incredibly intelligent and full of slobs.” After years of Sheldon’s vocal disdain for geology, it’s certainly nice to finally have some understanding of his deep-seated hatred.

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