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Youth Smoking Rates Declined Yet E-cigs Are Used By Teens

In the US the youth smoking rate has declined but out of 5, 1 still uses E-Cigs. The study demonstrates that these flavored e-cigarettes like JUUL, are the prime reason for drug, e-cigarette addiction among the minors and youth of the United States. That is why now the U.S Food and Drug Administration plus other authorities should take a step to eliminate these e-cigs, said the president of the campaign for tobacco-free kids, Matthew Myers.

Youth Smoking Rates Declined Yet E-cigs Are Used By Teens

He adds, due to banning the sale of e-cigs among the minors, they have to introduce another dramatic alternative like fruit flavor e-cigs which are disposable -prefilled menthol products and puff bars etc. And these are left in the markets of the U.S due to some loophole in U.S food and drug administration. Around 7% of minors and high schools who used e-cigs, said puff bar as their regular brand 

Youth Smoking Rates Declined Yet E-cigs Are Used By Teens

The study was done by the researchers from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they surveyed the data of 14500 middle to high schoolers who used e-cigarettes. The survey results are as follows: The percentages of high scholars are 27.5% and middle scholars are 10.5% who said that they used e-cigarettes in 2019. But in 2020, high schooler’s rates will be reduced to 20% and middle scholars to 5%. JUUL, the favorite or the most used e-cigarettes brand consumed by 35% of middle school kids and 25% by high school kids.

The researchers from the CDC’s office on smoking and health led by Teresa Wang reported, more than half of the minors (59% of middle scholars and 57% of high friends) who smoked e-cigarettes are from their friends. Around 85% of high scholars and 74% of middle scholars prefer e-cigarettes which are flavored.

The most favorite is fruit-flavored and then mint-flavored, also many students even chose refillable e-cigs over disposable. Myers added, from this proof it’s clear that if the authorities want to end this youth e-cig epidemic, they have to first remove all the flavored e-cigarettes from the market.

As JUUL is the most in-demand, the FDA should take a step and first ban the sale of these e-cigs and also other products. The ban and clearing out e-cigarettes from the market didn’t completely stop the usage but at least it will help in reducing and not increasing the trend, said Ivo Abraham, a co-author and a journal editorial from the Centre for Health Outcomes and Pharmacy economic research at the University of Arizona.

To get a complete and positive result we have to wait for at least 2 years, and then only one can predict that this step was a good step or an uptick.

He added, due to usage of these e-cigarettes by minors will lead to many health problems, and also in the future, they may acquire other bad health habits. To ban the usage and sale to minors, first, the authorities should educate them about the consequences of smoking by implementing it in their education system since elementary school.

Not only in school, the first education a child is getting is from his parents, so parents should also prevent their children from falling into the trap of smoking. There should be good communication between the parents and teachers on the smoking habits of their children and how they can save them from becoming vapers in the future. There should be good communication on the smoking parents with teachers regarding

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