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Blue Lock Chapter 172 returns to screens after a week-long hiatus. The manga was on an unannounced hiatus to seek out the Golden Week celebrations in Japan. But now the story is back on track. In a brief summary, Isagi reflected on his attitude in the previous games in the previous chapter. Although his performance was commendable, he failed to score the goal on his behalf. For this week, a new character will steal the spotlight from the picture. So, here’s everything you need to know about the excursion.

The following chapter focuses on Yuikimiya, a new entry in the story. What’s more interesting to see is that he has the most influential character arcs of any player to date.

Blue Castle Chapter 172

Blue Lock Chapter 172: What Will Happen Next?

As per the leaked plot details, the title of the following chapter is Inmost Thoughts. The episode begins with Yukimiya encountering a photographer on the street. The man asked him if he wanted to try modeling for his pictures. But he will refuse to compete for the Japan Soccer Championship next month. Later that same day, it is revealed that the player is suffering from multiple health issues, from vision issues to problems with his migraines.

He would ask the doctor if he had done anything wrong to deserve this. But the doctor will assure him that he can only hope for the best. The final scene of the chapter takes a look at his determination to get better. Despite all the injuries and dwindling health issues, Yukimiya decided that no matter what happened, he would not give up. Blue Lock Chapter 172 also takes a look at Isagi’s training ahead of the game against England.

Summary of the previous chapter!

Blue Lock Chapter 171 began with Yoichi planning his next move for the match. He looked at the scoreboard and realized that scoring a goal was important to be selected for the final U-20 team. Although he brought his team to the winning line, the goal certainly wasn’t in his basket. The teammates later discussed that in addition to the games, all of their talks were also broadcast nationally at all times.

On the other hand, Lavinho still criticized the scoring system at Blue Lock. Judging by the results and the bidding number, he couldn’t be among the forwards in the next game. In the next scene, fans see Yukimiya Kenyu enter. He explained to the players that this is no longer the football they used to play. The chapter ended with Isagi admitting that Lavinho was his next target.

Blue Lock Chapter 172: Release Date

The break time is over and the next chapter is almost here. Blue Lock Chapter 172 took two weeks to get to the table. As the next phase of selection begins, Yoichi will also find a new breakthrough from the next match. So Blue Lock Chapter 172 will be released this week on May 11, 2022. Fans can read all the chapters of the manga only on Kodansha official sites. Keep in touch with The Anime Daily for more information about it.


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