Yuri Is My Job Anime Announced! Release Date & Everything To Know



Yuri is My Job is a yuri manga that discusses female relationships over material pleasures. Recently, the manga website announced the manga’s TV adaptation in the form of anime. The website also revealed the Yuri Is My Job Anime visual teaser, trailer and personnel details. The close relationship between two cafe employees is the focus of this manga. Besides this relationship, the manga also deals with job insecurity and stress. So, here’s everything you need to know about the show.

Miman, a manga writer and illustrator, coined this manga. The Ichijinsha publication distributed the original manga. The manga’s original run began on November 18, 2016 and is still ongoing. The Passione Studio has the TV rights to this anime. Read on to find all updates on the show.

Yuri is my job anime

Yuri Is My Job Anime: Official Announcement!

A website from their sources recently confirmed that Yuri is My Job Anime is getting a TV anime adaptation. The creators of this romantic anime comedy also shared visuals and a trailer teaser. Both main characters are explored in the teaser trailer and picture. Both clues focus exclusively on the characters Mitsuki Ayanokoji and Hime Shirasagi. These are the ladies who take the lead in the story.

The scene is the first meeting of these characters, which is captured in the teaser. The creators also released cast and staff details in their official announcement. Hijiri Sanpei is the director of this TV show. Infinity Production will produce this new series.

What is the anime about?

The anime is about a high school girl Hime who is a perfectionist. However, she accidentally injures a worker named Mai. Mai works at Cafe Hime. She does double layers to keep her image as clear as before. Her hard work is recognized by Mitsuki. Over time, Hime finds out some unusual information about the cafe.

The workers who work there also seem suspicious. Hime’s sixth sense also warns them. The anime not only explores the female relationship between the main characters, but also hides a secret in it. Fans are already excited to see how the anime will differ from the manga.

Yuri is my job anime

Yuri is my job anime: release date

The creators haven’t announced a release date for Yuri Is My Job Anime yet. The official announcement was all about the anime adaptation. Apart from that, some additional information was present on the website. Production is still in progress. So the release date is pretty far now. Finally, keep in touch with The Anime Daily for more updates on upcoming animes.


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